Ramp meters to begin in May on SR-56 in Carmel Valley

New ramp meters for SR-56 will be put into action in the next two weeks as Caltrans recently completed its ramp meter installation project on every eastbound and westbound on-ramp on SR-56 between Interstate 5 and Interstate 15. Caltrans’ goal with the meters is to increase the efficiency of the entire freeway corridor by shortening peak commute periods, increasing speeds and reducing collisions.

The ramp meters on westbound Carmel Creek Road and Carmel Country Road will be activated on May 7. Eastbound meters on El Camino Real, Carmel Creek, Carmel Country and Carmel Valley Road ramps will begin on May 14.

The westbound meters have a window operating time of 5:30-9:30 a.m. and the eastbound meters 3-7 p.m.

Advanced warning signs will be posted at the ramps at least one week prior to activation. The meter’s green light will be illuminated 24 hours before activation.

The meters will work in conjunction with the three existing meters on the route. Traffic engineers will monitor the traffic patterns for few a months and calibrate the meters as required. Once the meters have been re-calibrated, the activation will be dependent on traffic flow in the main lanes.