Ranch gets first Torah

The Chabad Center of Rancho Santa Fe’s first community Torah was dedicated at the beautiful estate of Robert and June Shillman on Sunday night.

Rabbi Levi Raskin, who leads Rancho Santa Fe’s Chabad, said it’s a historic day in Judaism whenever a Torah is completed but that night was especially historic as it was the community’s first.

“It’s a night of history, excellence and reflection on what it means to be a proud Jew,” Raskin said.

The Torah scroll has roughly 600,000 handwritten letters. With a feather and special mix for ink, the scribe writes the five books of Moses on roughly 54 pieces of parchment.

Raskin called it the blueprint of their faith; Rabbi Yonah Fradkin, the regional director of Chabad San Diego called it the Jews’ “essence.”

Rancho Santa Fe’s Torah was dedicated in the memory of Raskin’s sister Chana Raskin Wolvovsky who died last year at age 23. A slideshow of photos was shown over a moving song written in her memory.

Rabbi Moshe Klein from New York finished writing the last letters before a celebratory procession and a Father’s Day dinner in the Shillman’s scenic backyard.