Rant with Randi: Attitude

By Randi Crawford

How many times have you heard the expression “Attitude is everything?” Enough corny sayings each day posted on facebook and I want to puke in my mouth a little every time I read one, right? But, people, there is something


to be said about having a good attitude.

This weekend, we were really excited to be able to play in our first lacrosse tournament with our new team. It’s a winter travel team, so this particular tournament was in Arizona. Now, as it happens, this is Thanksgiving week, and we had already booked a trip to Connecticut to see my husband’s family, something we haven’t done for 20 years (gone to see them for this particular holiday). But when the tournament schedule was posted, I begged my husband to push our trip back a few days so our son wouldn’t miss his first games with the new team. You see, my husband books trips months in advance because it usually helps with the cost, but, as he’s learning, this isn’t the greatest idea as our kids get older and more and more sports are happening on the weekends.

That said, he gladly pushed the trip back and we were headed to the desert...or so we thought. Not only did we push back our Connecticut trip, we took the day off from school on Friday (it was a half day before break, what do you want from me?), and we hit the road. After about an hour, it started to rain. And then it rained harder. And before I knew it, we were driving in a torrential downpour for the next five hours. Yikes, it wasn’t looking good. So now texts are flying back and forth between teammates – I love rumors. Some people thought it wouldn’t be a problem because we were playing on turf, while others insisted that it was all grass fields, (which clearly would have been a problem because the field management companies don’t want a bunch of cleats mucking up their grass), so we decided to go to the hotel and hope for the best. And hope we did. We hoped a lot, over dinner and drinks with friends...but it wasn’t looking good.

But even that night and into the next morning the email updates were all positive, stating that the games would be delayed, so to “stay tuned.” But during breakfast with a group of lacrosse folks, in grey sweats and salty looks on their faces, it became pretty obvious when the rain didn’t cease, that this was not going to happen. Finally, around 11 a.m., the email came. They dropped the bomb – the games are indefinitely delayed. In other words, go find something else to do with your time. Wow, this was a huge drag to say the least. But the first thing we all did was go bowling with the boys. And by the afternoon we hit the new “Catching Fire” movie, which we wanted to see anyway. Side note, it was awesome, especially since I forgot everything I read in the book. And then we went back to the hotel and played some crazy dice game with good friends, nearly got kicked out of the restaurant (we were having a little too much fun), ate and drank some more, laughed a lot and watched football all night.

Attitude...the boys could have carried on like brats because they were disappointed they didn’t get to play, but they didn’t. The parents could have whined and complained about squandered costs and a 13-hour round trip drive, but they didn’t. I have to tell you, corny or not, the way you look at a situation completely defines it. We could have been with a group of parents who had a bad attitude, which would have completely altered our experience, but they were awesome.

Did the situation stink because we anticipated playing some great teams at a gorgeous sports complex in Arizona, where professional lacrosse players would have been playing as well? Of course that stunk, but not one person in our entire group let that get in the way of having a great weekend.

Attitude is everything.

Your thoughts?