Rant with Randi: Do something that scares you

By Randi Crawford

This might sound crazy to some people, but if you are anything like me, and you have absolutely


sense of direction, you might relate. If you are one of those people who understand when someone is giving you directions, and they tell you to go “East” off the freeway, and you know what that means, then you definitely will not get me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know my N, S, E and West on a map, but I get lost in the execution. It’s like I was born without a “direction” chip in my brain. Let’s just say that On Star is my BFF and they literally know me by first name. It’s nearly impossible for my husband, who is great with directions, to understand my directional defect. One time he gave me directions and left out one turn and I was literally lost for an hour (this was before On Star).

About a month ago, we got an email inviting our son to play lacrosse in Baltimore, Maryland. Initially it was one of those emails that I was about to delete, until I read a little bit more into it and realized this was something that would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience (except for all the other “once-in-a-lifetime experiences” we are probably going to do in the future). The weekend consisted of playing lacrosse against kids from the East Coast (in the lacrosse world that’s a big deal because apparently those kids are born with a stick in their hand and have some sick stick skills). The boys would get to see a Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland game at Homewood Field, tour the locker room, meet the players, check out the lacrosse HOF, play on the Johns Hopkins Homewood field under the lights, and have an insanely fun weekend. How could we possibly say no?

Most of the time, lacrosse is a father/son sport, at least in my house. I go to every home and away game in our area, but usually it’s just the two of them who travel together. I’m just about to start booking flights when my husband calls and tells me that I have to go with Griffin to Maryland. Apparently, his mother had the audacity to turn 70 this year, and his family was throwing a surprise party for her, and Michael was the big surprise. Is he kidding? I can’t go to Baltimore. I mean, you just heard that itinerary; we were going all over the place. How would I get around? I begged my husband, on my hands and knees, to take our son and then head over to the party in Connecticut on Saturday night, but that was obviously never an option. We had already told our son that he was going, so I was basically up a creek without a paddle. I think that I was in total denial that I was going on this lacrosse trip until the day I left, and even then I wasn’t so sure it was actually happening.

I started emailing all my friends to see if any of them were going, and they all said no. It was going to be my son and I with a bunch of dads that I didn’t even know, hanging out in Baltimore for the weekend. Let’s not forget about the “getting around part.” When I tell you to “do something that scares you,” trust me, words can’t explain the fear I had thinking about the fact that I barely know how to get around San Diego in a 10-mile radius, in a place that I’ve lived for 17 years, and now I’m flying across the country and having to navigate Baltimore. The thought of driving my son from point A to point B, and actually arriving to the right destination, on time, was daunting. I literally lost sleep over this lacrosse trip. But there is so much more to this story. Until next time...

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