Rant with Randi: ‘Millennial generation lacking job interview skills’


By Randi Crawford

“Millennial generation lacking job interview skills.”

This could be one of the more absurd stories I’ve read in a while. At least I thought it was, until I sat back and really thought about it.

Let’s look at our upbringing (those of us in our 40s).

We had respect for our parents that was real and not fleeting because we “wanted” something. We got “dressed up” to go out with our family. We had to endure outings that were unpleasant, such as going to the ballet with our parents or watching our sibling in an all-day swim meet in the freezing cold. In fact, there was no “securing a play date” while our parents were doing errands that we wanted nothing to do with. If our mom went to the store, we all went to the store. If our mom went to the dry cleaners, we all sat in the back of the station wagon while she ran in to get the clothes. We didn’t scream at our mother (who was driving) to change the music on the radio to something that we wanted to hear, or to pop in a movie because we were getting bored. We were the kids, we knew our place, and we did what we were told. Period. (Don’t think I’m skipping over the fact that we were left alone in the car while our mother ran into the store, but that was then...what can I say)?

I constantly question how and when this massive paradigm shift took place from the parent being in charge and calling the shots, to the child being the center of the universe. I don’t know one single person, myself included, who isn’t guilty of this shift. We shuffle our kids from one place to another, because we want them to be happy 100 percent of the time. God forbid they have one hour of “down time” and you haven’t scheduled an activity to fill that hour. And as much as we try to arrest the problem, for those of us that recognize the problem, we ultimately fall in line with our children’s expectations.

Whenever I complain to my parents about how entitled my kids are becoming, they say the same thing: “Randi, if you are born into a home where your parents starve and beat you daily, that is all you will ever know. You will think that’s normal, and that everyone lives that way. If you are born into a family that does everything for you, that is all you will ever know. You will think that it’s normal to ask for a new MAC computer and get one. In other words, you (me) have created this environment and you have the power to change it.”

When I read this USA Today article about the Millennial Generation, I experienced a visceral response. It scares the cra* p out of me to think that I could be raising children with that mentality because I’ve created it.

In case you haven’t read the article yet, here’s a quick recap:

The Millennial Generation are interviewing for jobs and find

no problem


•Talking or texting in the middle of the interview —

what the?

•Bringing their pet...

double what the?

•And bringing their parents, or having their parents call to negotiate their salary if they don’t agree with the initial offer?

Can you imagine if this was your child? It’s insane, right?

Now stop and take a good look at how you were raised by your parents. Next, take a look at how you are raising your children and ask yourself, “Is it really that far fetched to think that our kids have no clue that bringing their cell phone to a job interview (and using it), is that strange?

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for another massive swing on the pendulum...with a huge emphasis on one thing —


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