Recycling comes to Canyon Crest Academy athletic fields

This week Boy Scout Eagle candidate and Canyon Crest Academy Junior Max Voce delivered nine recycling kiosks to key collection points throughout the CCA athletic fields. It is estimated that athletes, spectators, and staff throw thousands of water and sports drink bottles into non-recycled trashcans each year. Encouraged by head Baseball Coach Ryan Sienko and backed by the generous financial support of the Del Mar Rotary Club, Max led a project to construct and distribute recycling containers throughout the fields as part of his Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award requirements. After more than 250 hours of planning and construction involving CCA staff and volunteers from local Boy Scout Troop 713, Max completed the task. Painted in bright blue and stenciled with the words “CCA Recycles,” the kiosks are easy to spot and act as a convenient way for everyone visiting the fields to recycle their bottles and cans.