Release of STAR test scores delayed

By Kathy Day

Because of “security breaches” — or as Rick Schmitt, the assistant superintendent for educational services put it, “creative use of social media” — STAR test scores for the San Dieguito Union High School District students will be about a month late.

Schmitt told school trustees on July 26 that while the problems that included students using smart phones to share questions from the standardized tests did not occur in the local district, a number of districts will have their scores invalidated.

However, he added that San Dieguito officials “self-reported” a couple of cases where students took pictures of the exam cover.

“ETS (the Educational Testing Service) is taking extra time to investigate,” Schmitt said.

Parents were set to receive notification this week that the results — usually due in late July or early August — will not get them until “around the last week of August.”