Residents encouraged to write about Carmel Valley in student’s guest book

By Karen Billing

Eight-year-old Hari Krishnamurthy is conducting his own little project in his Carmel Valley neighborhood, inviting residents to leave behind comments or stories in a guest book he plans to leave in the gazebo at the Carmel Mountain Road and Carmel Country Road junction. The gazebo sits amid the Carmel Country Highlands neighborhood, above a dog park and a path frequented by dog-walkers, strollers and runners.

“It just came to me,” said Hari, a third grade student at Sage Canyon about his project idea. “I want people to tell me what they like about Carmel Valley and I’m hoping to get at least 50 signatures.”

Hari plans to leave the guest book on the bench under the shady gazebo for about a month.

“My dad comes by here when he’s walking our dog so he can check if it’s still there,” Hari said.

He’s looking for reflections from people about living in Carmel Valley, why they chose to live here and what the community means to them. He said people are welcome to write anything they want, “as long as it’s not weird.”

With a big smile, Hari thought for a minute on what he would write if asked what he likes best about Carmel Valley.

“I like how it’s warm sometimes, not too hot, not too cold,” Hari said. “And it’s pretty peaceful compared to other places.”

The third grader also takes piano and taekwondo lessons in addition to playing golf and the violin. After a month, he said he said he would write a report on his guest book findings.