Residents urged to continue water waste reports

Since the water restrictions have gone into effect, more people have been on the alert for water waste and leaks.

Randy Jones, city parks and recreation department area manager, said that is great when people call to report these leaks, but added it’s important to be specific.

When reporting a leak, don’t just say Del Mar Heights Road - give a block number or cross street, he said.

“More specific information sure makes it a whole lot easier,” Jones said.

Joe Henderson, from city parks and recreation, said that residents keeping an eye out are a big help.

He said there is a lot of vandalism in the area, with kids kicking off sprinkler heads and causing a leak.

“Some of that we’re not going to find unless a resident reports it,” Henderson said.

To report a water leak, call (619) 515-3525.

For information on water restrictions or tips, visit