Respect allows us to work together to find solutions


In answer to the question posed by Michael Hayutin in the Aug. 8 edition of this newspaper, ”What’s wrong with this picture?” What is wrong is Mr. Hayutin has been blinded by hate. We are a country of individuals that need to function as a group, and that means compromise. We are


Americans. Hate, lack of respect for one another, that’s what is wrong. Hate, anger paralyzes us, it turns off our abilities to think and find solutions. Hate shows itself in rant and rage. Love, respect, compromise opens us up to use our minds, it frees us to see beauty and joy, and have healthy relationships. Respect allows us to have differences and still work together to find solutions.

Now that Mr. Hayutin has expressed his opinion I hope he can take a good hard look at himself. Maybe then he can move on and come together to find solutions instead of throwing stones at people that may look, do or think differently than he does.

Nancy Reitzler