Ribbon-cutting to be held for San Dieguito Park recycled water conversion project

The Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at noon at the County of San Diego’s San Dieguito Park to commemorate the conversion of the parks irrigation system to recycled water use.

This event will celebrate the completion of the Park’s conversion and retrofit to 100 percent recycled water irrigation. Portions of the park were converted to recycled water use as part of the initial recycled water system development in 2001.

A recently completed extension of a recycled water pipeline to the park by SFID and the onsite irrigation system retrofit by the County of San Diego will result in the entire park using recycled water for irrigation.

The Santa Fe Irrigation District expanded the recycled water system pipeline down Highland Avenue to bring recycled water to the lower portion of the Park and to other potential customers in this area. The conversion required coordination among several agencies working together, including the County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department, the San Elijo Joint Powers

Authority, and the City of Solana Beach. Converting the park from potable water irrigation to recycled water will save approximately 50 acre feet annually of potable water, or enough water to provide 100 single family homes with water for a year.

The event will be held at the lower portion of San Dieguito Park off El Camino Real, near the gazebo. The public is invited to attend and individuals with questions can call our District office at (858) 756-2424 for more information.