Roberts a true representative of the people

The following is a rebuttal to the a letter by Carl Hilliard published in this newspaper on July 19.

The two faces of Carl Hilliard are very interesting indeed. There is the Candidate Carl who ran for County Supervisor. And now there is the Vindictive Carl who lost, and is seeking revenge.

During his campaign Candidate Carl repeatedly bashed Steve Danon’s politics, and woeful lack of applicable experience, stating very clearly that Danon was not equipped for the job.

In fact, Pam Slater-Price agreed that Danon did not have the skills or ability for the job, and endorsed Dave Roberts for County Supervisor. Putting politics and a long friendship with Carl aside, she endorsed Roberts because she felt strongly that he was far away the candidate who would work hard to protect the quality of life of the residents of her district.

After the primary election, Danon then offered Candidate Carl co-chairmanship of his campaign and chair of his finance committee. Candidate Carl, smarting from not being endorsed by Slater-Price, and angry at Roberts because he got her endorsement, became Vindictive Carl.

That is why Carl Hilliard, now co-chairman of the Danon campaign, wrote his letter supporting Danon. It is politics and politics only. It’s all about what Hilliard can personally get out of Danon winning the election. Hilliard’s motivation represents all the things that are wrong with people like that who are in office. It is terrible and a darn shame for us, the public who must live with these kinds of shameful shenanigans.

Vindictive Carl is not very becoming, and his hypocrisy and selfishness show his true destructive self. Please vote for Dave Roberts, a true representative of the people.

Joyce Kennedy

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