Roberts’ choice a loss to district

Councilman Dave Roberts, the most qualified candidate in the 50th congressional race, is a man of great moral clarity. For the right reason, he has chosen to withdraw from the campaign.

Although I understand and honor his decision to put his family first, I am saddened because we are losing a candidate who has the character and courage of a person ahead of his time.

Dave has been so willing to engage us in meaningful discussions about the economy, health care and environmental issues. He would be an excellent representative and accountable to all the constituents in the 50th district.

We need leaders like him with the courage of their convictions and a willingness to make tough decisions.

Other than the happy family, the only other positive thing is Dave will remain in his current elected position, and provide the necessary leadership and direction for the City of Solana Beach.

Mary Jane Boyd

Solana Beach