Roundabout terror

What a terrifying experience I had today in a non-Del Mar area of the county. I was taking a leisurely drive through Leucadia and came upon a “roundabout.” I guess that was what it was by the circular nature of the thing. I had no idea what to do. I braked, stymied by this bizarre circular configuration. I knew I wanted to go forward but how was I to proceed? I braked, trying to get my wits about me, but the impatient horns behind me forced me to proceed. Hesitantly, I inched forward.

Before I knew it I was in a maze with several cars moving in a non-linear fashion. I gripped the steering wheel tightly not knowing what was going to happen next. I hugged the flowering center to avoid other cars who seemed to know how to navigate this strange geometric design. I circled several times, breathing heavily and sweating knowing that I was unlikely to survive this surreal experience. After a few minutes, I realized that I was finally alone in this hell hole. I saw an opening and made a quick turn to the right and found myself on a comforting lane heading toward my destination.

With my head throbbing from this awful experience I slowed and tried to get my bearings. Feeling relieved that I had survived this ordeal, I moved forward a little more confidently. Suddenly, Oh my God, I came upon another of these monstrosities, another roundabout! What was I to do? I looked for a side street but there was no escape. Before I knew it I was entrapped again, circling out of control. I felt like I was in a tormenting nightmare. I breathed deeply and tried to control my emotions. Finally, I saw an opening and escaped on to a normal linear street, again fortunately headed in the right direction.

Within a short distance I was relieved to see a turnoff on to I-5. What a relief! I headed south into four lanes of traffic, always in a straight line. I couldn’t wait to get back to Del Mar.

Finally, I found a Del Mar exit on Via de la Valle which took me quickly back to Coast Highway where I had started this terrifying journey. As I turned south into the one lane zone, I felt so relieved after a dozen stop-and-starts to hit that first stop sign. Finally back to sanity! After a few more stop-and-starts, I felt the comfort of another stop sign knowing that I was now almost in the heart of Del Mar where I could proceed linearly through a rational series of stop signs and stop lights with certainty.

God, how I loved being home, even breathing in those reassuring carbon fumes.

Wink Wink.


Del Mar