Roundabouts will not fix Camino Del Mar

By Al Tarkington

1976 Community Plan participant

A new campaign piece says Camino Del Mar is broken, and Prop J will fix it.

Not true!

The truth is I-5 is broken, and roundabouts will not fix I-5 or Camino Del Mar.

Back in 1976 when we were working on the Community Plan traffic experts told us that Camino Del Mar capacity limits will be exceeded any time I-5 exceeds carrying capacity and motorists look for alternatives. Neither La Jolla or Encinitas have any similarity with their roundabouts.

Our solution back then (right or wrong) was to install a series of stop signs to “encourage” motorists to avoid Camino Del Mar.

Personally, I am a fan of roundabouts, having cycled through hundreds in France. However, they will not solve Del Mar’s traffic problems, nor are the proposed roundabouts bicycle friendly.

Join me in voting No on Prop J.