Rowe student council embraces election process


When R. Roger Rowe School has a student council election it’s more than just checking a name and putting a slip of paper in a ballot box.

This year’s election had a two-party process, with candidates going through a primaries and being elected by their party. On their election day, students manned voting booths and voters even had to show their school IDs.

It ended with a tie for president between Jordan Robbins and Brendan Kaiser.

The school named them co-presidents but the students objected in persuasive essays, noting that in future elections there should be a run-off as there are no ties in the real world.

For now, there are co-presidents and each member of the executive branch chairs a school committee.

This year’s student council includes: Erika Graham, vice president; Andrew Appleby, secretary; Chris Rellas, treasurer: Jack Heller, philanthropy commissioner; Noah Leung, fifth grade governor; Neil Lunsford, sixth grade governor; Lucas Djavaherian, seventh grade governor; and Jake Scornavacco, eighth grade governor.