Sage Canyon tower site nixed

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board sent a message to cellular companies Nov. 10, rejecting a proposed new tower site at Sage Canyon Park.

Chair Frisco White said while they are willing to consider cell sites on edges of neighborhood parks, they feel it’s crossing the line when sites start creeping into the center of parks as Clear Wire’s proposal would have.

“Our cell phone doesn’t have to work at every single inch,” White said.

Clear Wire representative Becky Siskowski said the installation, part of their 4G network, would go on top of the bathroom facilities at Sage Canyon Park in a cupola structure. A cupola is like a miniature building, with its own peaked roof. The cupola would house six antennas and an equipment cabinet would go inside the bathroom facility below.

Neighborhood representative Laura Copic said many neighbors complained about the proposed site and said Sage Canyon Principal Peg LaRose also received calls from concerned parents.

Residents said that the architecture of the cupola was inappropriate and out of place, that construction would disrupt park activity and that the structure lacked safety features to keep children out.

“Kids do the darndest things,” reflected resident Ken Farinsky, noting that children could potentially find their way up and into the cupola without the necessary safety precautions.

White directed Siskowski to come back to the board with an alternative proposal that kept the cell site out of the park.