Salk Institute receives $5 million gift

The La Jolla-based Salk Institute received a $5 million gift from the Glenn Foundation to establish a center to study aging, it was announced Friday.

Leading scientists from nine of the Salk Institute’s laboratories will collaborate to create the Glenn Foundation Center for Aging Research to look at the molecular basis of aging.

Researchers will work to determine if there is a defined biological process of aging that is universal to all organisms, according to the Salk Institute.

“The exponential growth of aging research in the last decade has clearly shown us that aging is a multi-faceted process in which several biological events interact to influence aging of an entire organism,’' said

Andrew Dillin, the center’s director. “Salk’s well-established culture of collaboration puts us in an exceptional position to move aging research forward and lay the foundation that may stave off a multitude of age-related diseases.’'

The Glenn Foundation was established in 1965 with the goal of extending the healthy productive years of life through research into the mechanisms of biological aging.