San Diegans’ water use down

Since the city imposed water restrictions in June, San Diegans have successfully reduced their water usage. Residential customers have cut their water use by 15.4 percent from July 2008 to July 2009, and consumption citywide was down 13.9 percent during that same period.

“Tight water supplies have forced all of us to change the way we use water around our homes and yards - which means breaking some pretty ingrained habits,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said in a release. “It’s clear that San Diegans are getting the message that small changes to water-use habits can add up to big savings, and they should be proud of the results of their conservation efforts.”

Residents are encouraged to continue to be on the lookout for water wasters. Violations can be reported by phone at (619) 515-3500, press 5, or by e-mailing