San Diego honors its own with best book awards

The San Diego Book Awards Association (SDBAA), a volunteer organization dedicated to enriching the city’s diverse and vibrant literary community, presented its 16th annual Awards for Excellence honors June 5 at the AMN Healthcare Building in Carmel Valley.

Founded in 1994, the SDBAA honors the best published books and unpublished manuscripts by San Diego County residents. Winning authors report that receiving the award boosts book sales and plays an instrumental role in securing a publisher for unpublished work.

Here are the 2010 honorees:


Nancy Burnett “Journeys Home” by Nancy Burnett; “A Trail of Light: The Very Full Life of Dr. Anita Figueredo,” by Sarita Eastman; “Dana’s Legacy: From Heartbreak to Healing” by Gayle Slate.


“Helping People Win at Work” by Ken Blanchard; “The Power Curve” by Scott G. Kyle; “Keeping Up in a Down Economy” by Bob Nelson; “The Wild Idea Club” by Lee Silber, Andrew Chapman and Linda Krall.

Children’s/Young Adult:

“All About Rocket Engines” by Edward Hujsak; “Nelson Mandela” by Judith Pinkerton Josephson.

Cooking and Crafts:

“Cicciotti’s Kitchen” by Gaetano Cicciotti; “Flying Pans” by Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver; “Dimensional Mosaics” by Leslie Perlis.


“Quirky, Yes—Hopeless, No” by Beth Wagner Brust and Cynthia La Brie Norall; “Dream Class” by Michael Linsin.


“Star Trek: A Post-Structural Critique of the Original Series” by Michael Hemmingson; “Iraq in Transition” by Peter J. Munson; “Viruses, Plagues, & History: Past, Present, and Future” by Michael Oldstone.


“Cross Country Evil” by Tom Basinski; “The Sounding” by David Klauber; “Flying For Her Country” by Amy Goodpaster Strebe.

Local Interest:

“The Cuyamacas” by Leland Fetzer; “Encinitas Insight” by Karla Ogilvie; “This Day in San Diego History” by Linda H. Pequegnat.


“Itchy Brown Girl Seeks Employment” by Ella DeCastro Baron; “Fingerprints... A Coffeehouse Reader” by Lew Decker; “The Hidden Passport: My Childhood Journey Through Japanese Concentration Camps in Java” by Phyllis Pilgrim; “My Chunk of a Century” by Carol Poe Straubinger; “I Love Yous Are for White People” by Lac Su.


“A Treasury for Cat Lovers” by Richard Lederer; “A Treasury for Dog Lovers” by Richard Lederer;, “Puppy Love” by Liz Palika; “Because They Matter, Too” by Cindy Traisi.

Self-Help & Medicine:

Marylin S. Beidler, “Everyday Wellness” Kathi Burns, “How to Master Your Muck” Giovanna Pang Garcia, “Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke”


“Delivering Hope” by Pamela MacPhee, “God Hides in Plain Sight” by Dean Nelson; “Heart of a Military Woman” by Sheryl L. Roush.


“What’s Up America” by Diane Asitimbay; “Cycling the Palm Springs Region” by Nelson Copp; “Chasing a Dream in the Galápagos” by Bette Blaydes Pegas.

Published Books—Fiction


“The Hindenburg Letter” by Roger L. Conlee; “Hawk” by Brian Neary.

General Fiction:

“Life as a Sandwich"by Eric Peterson; “Two Rivers” by T. Greenwood; “Five Poet Plays” by William Roetzheim.

Historical Fiction:

“Of My Hand’s Own Weaving” by Renee Burch; “In the Lion’s Den” by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, “Dante and Me: A Journey” by Betsy Jordan.

Picture Book:

“Santa Claus and the Molokai Mules” by Jeffrey Garcia; “Surf Angel” by Heather Kraszewski;, “Laverne, the Runway Stowaway” by Judy McSweeney.

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

“The Eleventh Sense” by K.R. Johnson; “Ice Song” by Kirsten Imani Kasai.

Children’s/Young Adult

Stacey Goldblatt, “Girl to the Core” Milt Kogan, “Escape to Montana” Walter G. Meyer, “Rounding Third” Barrie Summy, “I So Don’t Do Spooky”

Published Books—Literary


Brandon Cesmat, “Light in All Directions” Natasha Josefowitz, “Been There, Done That, Doing It Better!” Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña, “The Book of Whispers”


Arthur Salm and Sandra Alcrosser, Editors, “A Year in Ink, Vol. 2" Donna J. Watson, Michelle Sierra and Lucia Gbaya-Kanga, Editors, “Lavandería” Robert Lundy and Elizabeth Yahn Williams, Editors, “The Merging of Art and Poetry”

Unpublished Works

Unpublished Short Story

Yvonne Nelson Perry, “In the Rain Forest” Yvonne Nelson Perry, “The Picture Bride"Larry Zeiger, “Fade In - Fade Out”

Unpublished Poetry Chapbook

Jeanne Carney, “Looking for Logos” Kayla Krut, “How the Heavens Go” Enriqueta Luíssi, “Eye to Eye” Deborah Ramos, “Road Warriors”

Unpublished Memoir

Carl Nelson, “Rise! Letters from Pop” Susan Ram, “Season of the Cicada” Michelle Zive, “Holding On and Letting Go: A Mother’s Story”

Unpublished Young Adult Novel

Nancy Klann, “Fate Carries Its Own Clock” Tone Milazzo, “Picking Up the Ghost” Randy Morrison, “Seven Moon Circus”

Unpublished Novel

Laurel R. Barile, “Descant” Richard Hicks, “Murder by the Numbers” Siddharth Katragadda, “Blood Siblings” Caroline McCullagh, “The Labyrinth of Love”