San Diego Jewish Academy student earns elite full tuition scholarship to Northeastern


San Diego Jewish Academy senior Dan Gorodezky recently learned that he was among the fewer than 0.5 percent of applicants to Northeastern University that were also accepted to their University Scholars Program.

“USP is a full-tuition scholarship program,” said Steve Kahn, SDJA’s dean of academic affairs. “It is among the most intellectually bold and distinguished undergraduate scholarship programs in the country.”

“Dan is one of only 189 students who were selected from more than 50,000 applicants,” said Amy Mitchell, regional director of admission at Northeastern University. “These students have not only distinguished themselves academically but have displayed an entrepreneurial approach to study, achievement, and life.”

Added Kahn, “In addition to preparing our graduates to be leaders of integrity, social responsibility and architects of change, we also inspire them to embrace creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking in their learning.”

Northeastern University typically only admits 15 percent to 20 percent of those who apply. Their University Scholars Program is even more rigorous. Each year, the university invites a cohort of the most outstanding high school students from across the United States — and the world — to come to Northeastern, awarding them a full-tuition scholarship. The University Scholars Program, however, offers much more than financial underwriting.

“We recognize that these high-achieving students want to explore, to dream, and to discover and our program is designed to help each Scholar craft a unique path,” said Northeastern’s Mitchell. “With broad access to the resources of the entire University, we provide each Northeastern University Scholar with the opportunity to design a tailored program that potentially spans colleges, departments, and global partner institutions to address each scholar’s unique academic goals and career aspirations, and advance their entrepreneurial ideas.”

Gorodezky said that he hadn’t been expecting to hear from Northeastern, at least not for a while.

“I received an e-mail from Northeastern last week and was a little surprised because I didn’t expect to hear back until late March,” he said. “At first I was very happy to see that I had been admitted, and then, as I continued reading, I realized I had also been admitted into their University Scholars Program, with full tuition included, and had also been invited to be flown into Boston to visit. ‘Happily surprised’ would be an understatement.”

Gorodezky has attended SDJA since kindergarten, and feels he’s well-prepared for whatever may come his way.

The school “has always offered me plenty of opportunities for academic and extracurricular involvement,” he said. “Beyond the content-based material that I’ve learned in class, SDJA has encouraged me to develop critical thinking skills, an ability to interact and cooperate with others, and a set of moral and ethical values. Ultimately, I believe my education at SDJA has prepared me for success in all facets of life.”

Gorodezky is leaning toward economics and/or computer science as a major. His high school teachers have encouraged him to follow his passion.

“I have always found an incredibly supportive community of peers and teachers here at SDJA,” said Gorodezky. “I’m grateful to have a lot of opportunities here that I likely wouldn’t have had elsewhere and have also enjoyed the ability to develop close relationships with teachers, who are passionate and eager to advance your learning.”

Gorodezky still has to make up his mind as to where he will study, as Northeastern is just one of many options potentially available to him.

“So far, I’ve been accepted into Northeastern, Vanderbilt University and Yale,” said Gorodezky. “I should be hearing back from Brown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSB, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Stanford, UT Austin, UPenn, and USC in April.”