San Diego Jewish Academy marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

To commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, San Diego Jewish Academy upper school students lit a torch April 28 and then recited the names of 10,000 children who perished in the Holocaust. Although more than 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, with 1.6 million of them children, there was not enough time in the day to recite all the names. Throughout the day, upper school (grades 6-12) students stood in memorial and recited a portion of the names.

Holocaust survivors Max and Rose Schindler spoke to the upper school students. Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Between July 22 and Sept. 12, 1942, the German authorities deported or murdered around 300,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. SS and police units deported 265,000 Jews to the Treblinka killing center and 11,580 to forced-labor camps. The Germans and their auxiliaries murdered more than 10,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during the deportation operations.

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