San Diego Jewish Academy third grader outruns entire school and completes his 100th mile

Twice a week at the Golda Meir Lower School at San Diego Jewish Academy close to 125 students meet before school to participate in Coach Scott Bucky’s Running Club. On Tuesday, May 20, third grader Andrew Sabol set a school record by completing his 100th mile.

Last year, Andrew managed to complete 50 miles – still quite an accomplishment. This year he set his mind to working harder and he doubled his last year’s miles and ran 100 miles — setting a school record. The next closest runner managed to run 80 miles.

“Last year we had 100 kids participating,” said Bucky. “This year we had 125.”

Coach Bucky, who has been with SDJA for 16 years, started the Running Club last year with students meeting two days a week and running for 20 minutes. Because of its popularity, the Running Club continued this year and over 70 percent of the lower school students have participated. The primary goal of the Running Club is to have kids buy into an active lifestyle by exercising and having fun.

Andrew has received quite a lot of support and congratulations from all over the school and via social media. “His” Facebook post was viewed by over 500 people in just a few hours. For more information about San Diego Jewish Academy, visit