San Diego Sockers 1-1 in trip to Canada

The Sockers are holding steady this season with a 9-1 record after losing to Calgary United 6-4 Saturday and then beating the Edmonton Drillers 5-4 the next day in a two-game trip to Canada. Saturday’s loss was the Sockers’ first of the PASL-Pro season.

“We could never get our legs,” Sockers forward

Nate Heatherington told’s Craig Elsten about Saturday’s game. “People don’t realize how much your legs swell during a plane flight.”

The Sockers went straight to play at the Subway Soccer Centre in Calgary after a 3.5-hour flight to Canada and never quite got their rhythm. Forward Aaron Susi had also injured his calf during practice the week before and only played one shift Saturday before sitting out the rest of the game.

Chiky Luna scored the winning goal Sunday against the Drillers at 20 seconds into overtime. As in their game the night before in Calgary, the Sockers fell behind early in the first quarter. But Kraig Chiles scored his 21st goal of the season, tying the game 1-1 at the end of the first.

The rest of the game saw close back-and-forth play. When the Sockers were unable to convert a late power play, the game went into overtime. Twenty seconds later, the Sockers won on Luna’s goal. Luna celebrated by whipping off his jersey and embracing his teammates.

The Sockers face the Texas Outlaws this Saturday at 6:15 p.m. at the Del Mar Arena.

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