San Dieguito Union High School District Superintendent Rick Schmitt’s Monthly Update

Superintendent Rick Schmitt plans to update the greater San Dieguito Union High School District community through the local media with a monthly update. Topics covered will include curriculum, facilities, budget, safety, and other specific and special interest topics. Today’s update focuses on your property tax bill, technology and plans for a new middle school in Pacific Highlands Ranch.

By Rick Schmitt

As many of you know, property tax statements were mailed in October with an incorrect tax rate for Proposition AA. Once the error was discovered, the District, the Treasurer-Tax Collector, and the Auditor-Controller of the County of San Diego all took responsibility to correct the mistake. The County mailed letters to every affected property owner and new statements were sent before the first payment was due. Anybody who paid the incorrect amount will be refunded the difference. The District would like to thank the Treasurer-Tax Collector and County for working so quickly to ensure that all taxpayers will only pay the correct amount. We have all promised to work together to make certain this will not happen again. We encourage anyone who may have questions about their tax bill to contact the Tax Collection customer service staff at (877) 829-4732.

One of the major priorities of Proposition AA is the upgrading of network technology infrastructure at each of our schools. Bond funds will be focused entirely on improving our network bandwidth, power, and wireless access so that any device a student or teacher wants to use on the network will have a fast and reliable connection. With more instructional content making its way online and traditional applications moving to browser-based cloud computing, it’s important that we build a network that will support any device accessing the curriculum, whether it is owned by the school or a student.

Over the next three years, we will upgrade local networks, wireless access, servers, media centers, and classroom technology at all of our ten campuses. While we would love to accomplish all of this work over a summer, the upgrades must be methodically phased in at each campus and, in some instances, wait for other structural bond projects to happen before the technology improvements can be completed.

To keep updated on our bond projects and schedules, refer back to the Prop AA website at

The San Dieguito Union High School District will open a new middle school in the Carmel Valley area in the fall of 2015. The as of yet unnamed school will be very near to Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) off of Village Center Loop and will be designed to initially accommodate approximately 500 students with the ability to expand to accommodate up to 1,000 students should population growth call for this. While the new middle school will be very close to CCA, attendance at the new middle school will not provide students with any advantage if they ultimately choose to apply to attend CCA for high school. The construction of this middle school will allow us to decrease the size of Carmel Valley MS to somewhere in the neighborhood of 900-1,000 students. The current plan calls for the new school to open with 7th graders only in fall of 2015 and grow to include both 7th and 8th graders in fall of 2016. Student attendance at this new school will be determined by attendance boundaries and these boundaries will be determined in the spring of 2014. These boundaries will be determined through a process that will examine demographic projections and existing elementary and middle school boundaries and will include input from parents, community members, and elementary and SDUHSD educators. One of our priorities in developing our new middle school boundaries is to do our best to ensure that students from individual feeder elementary schools are not forced to attend different middle schools.

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