SANDAG projects growth in Del Mar

By Kristina Houck

About a million more people will live in San Diego in 2050, according to SANDAG’s 2050 Regional Growth Forecast.

In a presentation before the Del Mar City Council on Sept. 3, Clint Daniels, manager of regional models for SANDAG, shared the agency’s projections, which he said serves as the foundation for the upcoming SANDAG Regional Plan and other planning documents across the region.

There are currently 3.1 million people living in San Diego County, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. SANDAG projects 973,000 more people, 489,000 more jobs and 333,000 more housing units in the region in 2050, Daniels said.

By far San Diego — followed by unincorporated areas, Chula Vista and Oceanside — will see the most housing and job growth in the region. Del Mar will take on the least growth.

Del Mar, which has about 4,100 residents, is expected to have almost 4,800 in 2050.

The region’s projected growth is attributed to an aging and diversifying population, Daniels said. SANDAG’s forecast calls for San Diego’s Hispanic population to be larger than its white population, with 46 percent of the population Hispanic, 30 percent white, 16 percent Asian, 4 percent African-American and 4 percent of other racial backgrounds in 2050.

Like the rest of the region, Del Mar’s Hispanic population is expected to grow. Currently, 89 percent of the city’s population is white. SANDAG predicts 75 percent of the population to be white in 2050. The city’s Hispanic population is expected to increase from 4 percent in 2012 to 10 percent in 2050.