Santa Fe Christian Middle School students in Solana Beach serve San Diego’s needy

Twenty-nine Santa Fe Christian School middle school students spent Feb. 7-9 volunteering for a local food distribution project, participating in a homeless outreach and working in downtown service projects. Students cleaned and organize bins for food distribution. They also packed bags with food, water, socks, and the gospel of John for distribution to the homeless.

“The Urban Missions trip affected me in many ways. First of all, I thought about how I should make the most of what God has given me. The homeless people we saw and talked to didn’t have some of the basic necessities of life that we take for granted. It was fun to talk to them, handing out care packages. I had great conversations about where they were from and what they were reading. I think we were an encouragement to them, and they encouraged us,” said TJ Askew, a Santa Fe Christian eighth-grader.

The SFC Middle School outreach to San Diego’s needy was organized through New Vision Urban Christian Fellowship, which serves the homeless, impoverished and disenfranchised of urban San Diego. New Vision has outreach at downtown hotels, adopts local apartment complexes, and on the street to serve the homeless community.