Santaluz Cup draws 46 two-man teams

The final days of summer at Santaluz turned competitive as 46 two-man teams recently took to the Rees Jones-designed championship golf course to compete in the annual Santaluz Cup event.

“The camaraderie of The Santaluz Club membership is extraordinary, as demonstrated by events like the Santaluz Cup,” said John McCook, director of olf at the private facility near Rancho Santa Fe. “Everyone is on the course having fun, and ability is highly appreciated.”

The overall winners were Nol Calabrese and Jeff Hawkins. Horse Race winners were Dave Martin and Rich McDaniel. Oakmont Flight winners were Rolf Benirschke and Art Locke. Shinnecock Flight winners were Scott Benjamin and John Rooney. Augusta Flight winners were Nol Calabrese and Jeff Hawkins.