Savannah Design Group

John and Michele Coseo of Savannah Design Group have successfully managed to grow their interior design firm despite the challenging economic climate in the new home building industry.

The Coseos founded Savannah Design in 1998, specializing in model home interiors.

“We have made changes to build a specialized design firm, one that can thrive in an environment of efficiency, fast pace and budget consciousness,” says owner John Coseo.

With the opening of Savannah Home on the ground level of their 1980s building, the design team can offer hands-on principal attention to each client. The changes will allow Savannah Design to respond to what the residential market is demanding from interior design companies. As a small firm conveniently located in historic downtown Escondido, Savannah Design has the ability to work hands-on with small builders and residential clientele.

Savannah Design has 7,500 square feet with every material necessary for any design project. Whether it is a single model, a fire rebuild or a residential remodel, Savannah will exceed your expectations.

“We are proud of the achievement of having built a lean, creative and multi-platform experienced design team that can confidently adapt to the changes of our time,” says Michele Coseo, principal designer/owner.

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