Savannah Design Group: Meeting all a client’s needs

An experienced professional will not only help you achieve the look you desire but, more importantly, they can get that look for you within your budget and in your time frame. “Now is not the time to try to save a buck by doing your interior designing yourself,” according to Michele Coseo of Savannah Design Group.

“The economy dictates that we spend wisely. People can’t afford to make a mistake,” says Coseo.

A trained designer has the education and experience to save you time and effort. Designers create a scaled furniture plan to ensure that every piece fits, maintain libraries of catalogs and samples to save you time and effort and can provide the best pricing on products for your project.

“It is so important to do it right the first time,” said Coseo. “Mistakes can be costly, and a mistake is not something you want to live with.”

Where do I start? Word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable. Take the time to call references, view websites and conduct interviews to meet prospects in person to answer specific questions and help solidify your decision.

“The relationship between the client and interior designer will be close. You must respect and trust each other implicitly,” says Coseo, adding, “It is truly a privilege to be invited in to someone’s home to create an environment that not only suits their families’ lifestyle and day-to-day activities, but is also a reflection of their personalities.”

Michele Coseo founded Savannah Design Group in 1998. In 2007, Coseo created a retail division of the company, Savannah Home, located at 130 East Grand Ave. in Escondido. Savannah Home offers design services to residential clientele and showcases the unique home furnishings seen in many of their model home interiors.


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