SB City Council is ‘Dead Wrong’


Prop B is not complicated. It simply guarantees that citizens of Solana Beach will be able to use Fletcher Cove Community Center for private/family celebrations.

Since Prop B establishes no new city ordinances, this expanded use will be consistent with current and existing city rules and regulations.

So why has this fight to restrict residents from using the Center been going on for almost three years? Because a small, vocal and passionate group of neighbors surrounding the Center have convinced the City Council that their “public health and safety” are at risk. I cannot explain this except to say that sometimes “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

The Community Center has been located on the same ocean-front property for more than 70 years. Many families have raised their children around the facility. The current families now have a beautiful park and playground at the lower beach level and a two-tier park adjacent to the Center. Their property values have been greatly enhanced by the improvements to the Fletcher Cove Beach Park and the Community Center. However, this is not their private park and not for their private use. It belongs to the taxpayers of Solana Beach.

Any Solana Beach resident should be allowed to rent this facility and the adjacent patios for a private family celebration. It is the only ocean-front venue we have in the City for our residents to use and enjoy. The City Council should be supporting full use of this Center and not spending thousands of our tax dollars to restrict the use of it.

Don’t allow the City Council to mislead you. I urge you to become informed. Review and listen to past Council meetings when this issue was on the agenda. Read the Lounsbery report which the Council commissioned to provide them with objective data. Ask the right questions. Like why did the Council totally ignore the Lounsbery report? And why did they bring it up two weeks after they had made the decision to call for a special election?

I can assure you on this issue, the Solana Beach City Council is “dead wrong.”

Vote “YES” on Prop B.

Mary Jane Boyd,

Solana Beach