SB Council not turning a blind eye

Have you ever been stuck in traffic in La Jolla or tried to find a parking spot in Pacific or Mission Beach? As those areas were rapidly developed, city leaders turned a blind eye to potential negative impacts and allowed growth to occur without proper mitigation. No wonder it’s so congested and so difficult to find a place to park in those locations!

The traffic congestion and parking problems that other beach areas live with on a daily basis highlight the importance of “mitigating” (alleviating, lessening, diminishing or easing) problems


they happen. And that’s exactly what the Solana Beach City Council did when they developed their rental policy for private parties at Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC)

I’m a retired civil engineer. During my career I managed a staff actively engaged in the writing and review of environmental impact reports (EIR’s). I agree with our City Attorney and Council that conclusions reached in the third party report are wrong and that the author of the report failed to analyze important and significant negative impacts.

California law requires that negative impacts be identified and mitigated before a project is approved. So why are the proponents of Prop B criticizing our Council for doing their job, for trying to alleviate, lessen, diminish and ease parking problems before they are created at FCCC?! Apparently Prop B proponents are turning a blind eye to the negative impacts their policy will create for residents and visitors to Fletcher Cove every weekend.

But our Council is not turning a blind eye. They designed their policy with all the facts at hand and their eyes wide open. A parking analysis completed by a licensed traffic engineer, Mr. Tom Brohard, is included in the City’s 2012 certified environmental report for the FCCC. The Brohard report states “The expansion of use for the FCCC to allow up to 100 attendees twice per week will cause impacts on parking in the surrounding neighborhood and at the public parking lots.”

That’s why the Council’s policy limits the number of private party guests to 50 to help ensure that parking spaces are available for the party guests


the public. On the other hand, Prop B will add double that number of guests, increasing competition for parking spots on weekends when demand is the highest. This is in direct conflict with the information in the parking analysis. Prop B provides no mitigation for the increased demand for parking that it will create.

It doesn’t take a traffic engineer to understand that adding 60-75 more parked cars on Saturday and Sunday during busy summer months for 100 party guests to the Fletcher Cove area will cause a severe parking impact at Fletcher Cove.

If you want to enjoy the beach, parks and sunsets from the bluff at Fletcher Cove then vote “No” on Prop B. Prop B is bad news.

Richard Jacobs

Solana Beach