SB couple celebrate 70th wedding anniversary


Ed and Sis Hollan of Solana Beach will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Aug. 3.

When asked, “What makes a happy marriage for 70 years?” they both answer, “Giving 100-percent to each other.”

Ed and Sis hail from Wynne, Arkansas. They moved to Southern California in 2007 to be closer to their daughter Shannon Peck and her husband, Scott, residents of Solana Beach.

One of their fondest memories is of dancing together on moonlit nights on a rural Arkansas bridge with music from their car radio playing Big Band swing music.

They still love music and Sis regularly plays jazz on the piano for the guests at La Vida, a Solana Beach retirement residence.

Ed was a cotton farmer. The couple still owns land in Arkansas and said there’s a good crop presently blooming.

According to son-in-law Scott, Ed is so accustomed to measuring the plentiful rain in Arkansas that he has a rain gauge outside his patio. He and his friends often joke, however, about the lack of rain to measure.