SB couple create sleep aid

The millions of Americans who have trouble sleeping may soon find their solution in Restivia, a sleep aid made by 25-year Solana Beach residents Paul and Irene Taparauskas.

Restivia, a powder mixed with hot water, utilizes vaso-dilation, a compound used by weight lifters to increase muscle mass. It helps one sleep for up to eight hours in addition to reducing snoring and aiding breathing. It contains 11 natural ingredients, among them sleep inducers, snore reducers, relaxation accelerators, muscle and joint pain relievers and toxin neutralizers.

“It’s a very soothing beverage,” Paul said of the product, a menthol-flavored drink. “It puts you to sleep within 15 minutes.”

Two years ago, Paul started developing Restivia when he began experiencing difficulties sleeping. The research chemist, who has developed coffee products for chains such as 7-11 and GNC, said unlike many prescription sleep aids, Restivia does not cause grogginess and those who take it do not have a feeling of being drugged or sleepy the next morning.

If one has to wake up during the night to deal with an emergency, they are able to have instant cognition. Paul said Restivia is safe, although no studies have been done on the product so far.

“We wanted to have a natural sleep aid that works, that does not drug you. There are no side effects but good health,” Paul said.

In the process of researching sleep aids, he found that most of them did not address various problems caused by sleep difficulties, such as snoring, anxiety, trouble falling and staying asleep and crankiness during the day.

Although many seniors take Restivia, Paul said users range in age from college-age to people in their 80s.

Restivia is currently available online, but the Paul are currently talking to stores about carrying the product.

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