Scholarships awarded to 56 Canyon Crest Academy seniors

College-bound Canyon Crest Academy seniors received scholarships during a ceremony on May 14. Fifty-six seniors were honored.

Shira Golden received the Dollars for Scholars Principal’s Award, Emily Vetter and Mara Berg received the Adria Horning Memorial Awards and Alyssa Anton received the Ben Trees Memorial Award.

Caitlin Bonner and Scott Salzberg received the Del Mar/Solana Beach Rotary Club Award, Alice Cash received the Ed & Eleanor Jacobs Memorial Award, Matthew Sparks received the Dr. Sarita Eastman Award, Alexandra Harris and Amanda Harris received the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Award, and Sarah Burnand and Dan Savage got the Hansen Surfboard Award.

The Pardee Contruction Company Awards were given to Kara Levis, Tanooj Luthra, Reed McCardell, Laura Quintero, Maria Quirch and Sarah Rawi.

Ronit Abramson, Samuel Huang, Melissa Milder, Sarah Raoufpur and Julia Zhang received the Canyon Crest Academy DFS Distinguished Awards.

The Dollars for Scholars Awards were given to Scott Allen, Gabriella Libin, Hannah Belitz, Kristy Martin, Alexandra Bernardini, Cynthia Mersten, Steffen Chen, April Mitchell, Michael Christy, Kevin Morgan, Elliot Dahl, Kaori Nakama, Carmen Dutton, Bryce Ostroff, Jordan Emont, Emily Roberts, Naomi Farabaugh, Megan Siegfried, Michael Feder, Amelia Silverwood, Shailen Flock, Tiffany Su, Reuben Guberek, Erin Thor- sell, Ari Heller, Nicolas Waizman, Matthew Herman, Lindsey Walker, Kelly Johnson, Corrine Wilcox, Marc LaBeau and Sara Zlotnik.

Scholarship recipients are selected through an application process that evaluates grades, activities, a personal essay and interview.

Scholarship funds are raised through proceeds from the sale of the CCA directory and donations from local businesses, foundations, government agencies, community organizations and individuals. Several scholarships have been established as memorials.

The scholarships given out totaled $35,000.

To establish a scholarship or make a donation to Dollars for Scholars contact Laurie Doyle at