Scouts, church members build a house in Mexico

A special group left Solana Beach on a cool Saturday morning Memorial Day weekend, arriving at Rosarito Beach at 11 a.m. to start work building a house. The group of 22 included Scouts from Troop 765 of Carmel Valley and Venture Crew 42, as well as members of the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. As the group started building the frame for the four-room house, it was joined by the Chavez-Garcia family: parents Alfredo and Margarita and their children Eduardo, Daniela, Kevin and Jhonatan. Everyone worked side by side to measure, saw and hammer until the walls of the house were built. New friends were made and new skills acquired as everybody worked throughout the day.

On Sunday, everyone finished squaring the frame and prepared the house for the first coat of stucco. A troop from Tijuana came to help, the new Scouts (ages 10-11 years old) joined in the passing of the hawks filled with stucco. There was much laughter as they tried to keep the stucco flowing quickly with minimal spillage to those applying it. In record time, the first coat of stucco was applied to all four walls to dry overnight.

The last day included installing two doors, four windows and the last coat of stucco. By now, no one needed to be told what to do; many helping hands worked together to finish the house. Everyone ate their lunch inside the finished house and then formed a circle with the Garcia family to dedicate their new home and to present them with their keys. With smiles on everyone’s faces, Margarita Garcia invited everyone to come back for a visit.

In all, nine houses were built and along the way, cultures intertwined and lives were changed for the Mexican families and the volunteers.

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