SD City Council proclaims “Imagination Club Day” for Torrey Hills School Community Service Club


The Torrey Hills Imagination Club was honored at San Diego City Hall with a proclamation for the San Diego City Council, led by Council Members Marti Emerald and Sherri Lightner, declaring April 24 Imagination Club Day in the city of San Diego. The fourth and fifth grade girls who started and are members of the club were honored for their social action activities and their commitment to developing the leadership skills and time they’ve spent giving back to their community.

“These young ladies deserve recognition for their commitment to growing as leaders in school and engaging as volunteers in their larger community,” said City Council member Marti Emerald. “By helping others in the community, members of the Imagination Club serve as role models for girls throughout San Diego.

Added Council member Sherri Lightner, “This Imagination Club is not only about picturing a better world – it is a about creating one. The energy, inspiration and enthusiasm of these young women are something that we all should aspire to.”

The Torrey Hills Imagination Club was inspired by a young girl’s imagination about creative ways to learn about and get involved in the community. Its motto, Where Imagination and Friendship Become One, has led to a safe, inspirational, lively forum for young girls to explore and imagine beyond their classroom walls into the heart and soul of the community where they live and play, and beyond. Part of their efforts included the creation of their own website,

, where club members can share ideas, photos, insights and skill-building tips.

The Imagination Club meets every Monday at lunch recess where fourth and fifth graders dedicate their free time to developing their public speaking and leadership skills. They were also exposed to a host of guest speakers on topics from climate change to the importance of meditation. Outside of school club members engage in numerous outings, including cleaning up Torrey Pines State Beach, feeding homeless people in Ocean Beach on Thanksgiving, visiting an elderly home and the Humane Society, donating money to a foster home and other outreach activities. The girls have experienced two years of personal growth and have learned how to speak in public, be a better citizen and enhance their self-esteem.

“It is amazing to see how much these girls have developed over the past two years,” said Club Advisor Orit Ostrowiak. “They are better people and citizens as a result of being in the Imagination Club. They are now equipped with skills that will serve them as women leaders in business, politics and anything they choose to do in life. I can’t wait to see who they become. I know that the time will come in the not-too-distant future when they will remember what they did at the Imagination Club, and how it influenced who they are.” Torrey Hills Principal Barbara Boone added, “I am so pleased that our students have been actively engaged with our community through the Imagination Club. Watching their eyes light up and seeing their excitement and energy in the meetings is inspirational to all educators!”

The San Diego’s proclamation (see below) of the Imagination Club Day highlights the history and activities of the club, and is created by action of the San Diego City Council, declaring April 24, 2012, The Imagination Club Day.

Imagination Club Proclamation.pdf