S.D. mayor proposes cuts in police, fire services


For the first time under Mayor Jerry Sanders’ watch, San Diego’s police and fire departments are facing budget cuts.

“We’re cutting things that have never been cut before,’’ Sanders said at a news conference Wednesday.

In addition to cuts to police and fire departments, Sanders is asking for cuts to his own office, the City Council and the city clerk’s office.

The proposed cuts, which will be taken up by the City Council next Wednesday, are designed to deal with an expected $43 million budget gap this fiscal year ending on June 30.

Among the cutbacks:

  • Four of seven deputy chief operating officers will lose their jobs;
  • Operations will be suspended at nine recreation centers, seven libraries and all six of the city’s customer service centers;
  • The number of civilians who serve as SDPD administrative staff members and community service officers will be reduced by 37;
  • The number of fire companies active on any given day will decrease from 60 to 59.

In addition, San Diego officials said they are expecting to have an initial budget deficit of $35 million in fiscal year 2009-2010.