SD police report attempted kidnapping in Carmel Valley


San Diego Police are reporting an attempted kidnapping occurred in Carmel Valley late Thursday afternoon,

An alert issued over Nixle, a new Web-based notification system being used by local law enforcment agencies, said the incident occurred in the 12700 block of Carmel Country Road.

The notice, filed by Watch Commander David Stafford reported that “an 11-year-old male was walking home from a tutoring class that he attends about 2 blocks from his home.

“A dark-colored SUV with a tire rack and spare tire on the roof drove up to the juvenile. There were 2 (white males) in the front seat and a (white female) in the back seat. One of the males told the juvenile to get in the SUV. The female looked like she was holding a handgun. As the suspect told the victim to get into the SUV a peach-colored car drove up and told the victim to run away. The victim ran home and the police were called. There were no injuries. North Western Division is handling the investigation.”