Shaolin Kempo Arts brings anti-bully message to Ashley Falls

AF-Bully-2On Friday, Sept. 28, Shaolin Kempo Arts hosted a student body assembly at Ashley Falls School on the ABC’s of anti-bullying titled “Stop Bullying. Stand up. Speak out.” Shaolin Kempo owner Joey Larocque and five of his students performed scenario-based skits to demonstrate how to walk away from a bully, how to ask for help and how to stand up for yourself with confidence using problem-solving techniques.

The students who participated were Riya and Rohan Madan, Aaron Glick, and Cody and Cameron Black. The five students are members of Shaolin Kempo’s Guidance on Leadership Development Program (G.O.L.D.), which promotes confidence and personal development of leadership within the community.

At Shaolin Kempo, owned by Ashley Falls parents Joey and Lori Larocque, they stress an anti-bully message both on how not to be a bully and how children can protect themselves from one. Their ABC system is “A” for “Action,” encouraging students to use their voice, be a leader and peace builder and to show respect to their classmates. “B” is for “Back up,” it’s OK to ask for help or back up from a parent, teacher or coach. Lastly, “C” stands for “Confident,” encouraging students to stand up for themselves and not let a bully’s words or actions destroy their confidence.