Sharks and Solana Pacific join forces to repair school fields in Carmel Valley


Repairing school field in Carmel ValleyIn a great showing of working together for the benefit of all, Solana Pacific Elementary School Principal Brian McBride, PTA President Stephanie Kowack, DMCV Shark Volunteer Eric Kowack and DMCV Sharks Director of Rec. Erin Misaki recently organized a group effort to repair the fields at Solana Pacific.

Sharks and Solana Pacific work togetherWith the opening of school and the fall soccer season the fields were in poor shape and the situation did not look good. However, the team worked together in a matter of weeks to acquire funding, supplies and labor for the needed improvements. On a very hot Sunday more than 30 volunteers from Sharks and teachers from Solana Pacific, including principal McBride worked from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., providing the on-site labor to replace large areas of the field with new sod. It was a long hot day for many, but the results were worth it. They were able to turn this back into a quality field suitable for the students at Solana Pacific, as well as the soccer players that utilize it for both for practice and games and the community at large. The Sharks would like to thank principal McBride, the teachers and volunteers that went above and beyond to make the community better for all.