Should have stuck with ‘the best health care system in the world’

We (taxpayers) have already, and will, spend millions of dollars to improve (correct) our (failed) health care system through passage of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).

Some thought our old health care system was failed because everyone didn’t have health care insurance (even though everyone got the best health care in the world).

Well, the old system meant everyone could buy whatever medical insurance they wanted and could afford, or if they didn’t want to buy insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for their medical care, they would go to the emergency room to get the best care in the world, and we would all pay for that care.

From what I’ve heard, it would be a whole lot cheaper, and we would all have a whole lot more freedom, if we had stuck with the best health care system in the world, as described above.

Ralph Peck

Del Mar