Signage changes for Flower Hill add-on

By Karen Billing

Some small changes have been made to the design of the new Whole Foods and Flower Hill Promenade renovation. David Reinker of SGPA Architecture visited the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board last week to let them know about the refinements to the design, which includes no change in elevation or square footage.

The changes were driven by Whole Foods’ decision to move its entrance from the center of the store off to the left, changing the position of the Whole Foods signage.

Small tweaks in design were also made to accommodate signage for the second floor tenants above Whole Foods, Reinker said.

Reinker reported that the renovation is progressing on schedule at a “pretty good pace.”

“We’ve almost attained the full height of the project on the west side,” said Reinker of the addition, which includes the Whole Foods, new boutique office spaces and a four- story parking garage. “I think we were successful in hiding the parking and service areas as you’re traveling north on the freeway.”

Whole Foods is expected to be complete by the summer and Flower Hill remains “committed” to renovating the older part of the center to match the newer section.

Reinker said an example of the “face lift” that is planned for the rest of the center could be seen in the new store Between the Sheets. The center completed renovations for that space as the tenant was moving in rather than waiting until later.