‘Choose to Thrive,’ advises Solana Beach author in new book

Dr. Berge Minasian can still remember the moment he rolled up his pants legs and walked barefoot over a bed of hot embers. Although struck with fear, he completed the task for his class at the American Hypnotherapy Institute in Orange County.

“You can do anything,” Minasian said. “You just have to put your mind to it.”

In his book, “Choose to Thrive,” the Solana Beach author draws from his personal experiences in the public and private sectors to encourage readers to follow their dreams and thrive.

“It’s my life’s work,” Minasian said. “It’s all about living and living a fulfilled life.”

Minasian began his career as teacher in 1958 and became an elementary school principal in 1963. After moving with his family to Solana Beach in 1977, Minasian served as a principal at Solana Vista Elementary School and Skyline Elementary School before retiring from the Solana Beach School District in 1991.

Already holding a master’s in psychology from Wayne State University, Minasian completed his Ph.D. in clinical hypnotherapy and psychology at the American Hypnotherapy Institute during his final years in education.

Shortly after retiring from the district, he opened his Clinical Hypnotherapy Wellness Center in Solana Beach, then in Mira Mesa. In 2000, he closed his practice to work with his three adult children as their company’s staff development coordinator. Minasian retired for the third time in 2008.

In 2010, Minasian published his first book, “Power of Choice.” His second book, he said, is a “companion piece.”

“I hope people will come to understand that they are responsible for their own happiness,” Minasian said. “People are the architects of their own life. You can choose to be optimistic or choose to be pessimistic. It’s your choice, and you get what you choose. Choose happiness.”

“Choose to Thrive” is available online at and Barnes & Noble ( Visit