Solana Beach City Council ‘did the right thing’

With the upcoming City Council rotation it’s a good time to express thanks and gratitude to our Solana Beach City Council for a job well done. Our Council has given us a beautifully redesigned Highway 101 corridor that is walkable/bikable. Highway 101 is now a beautiful destination that will be an asset to our city for years to come. The gardens are gorgeous, public art very appealing, walkways accessible and safe, and traffic calming effective. I look forward to the new Train Station Redevelopment project knowing our Council will work closely and fairly with the North County Transit District and future developer for the good of our entire city.

And thank you to our City Council for your amazing attention to our neighborhoods. Our present mayor, Mike Nichols, and Council have worked together to make sound decisions, sometimes unpopular, to ensure that the Fletcher Cove neighborhood is not overburdened by non-stop weekend events and that all visitors to the area will have a place to park on weekends. It has been difficult finding the balance to allow this particular neighborhood the same safety, peace and quiet that other Solana Beach neighborhoods enjoy while affording all Solana Beach residents opportunities to use the Fletcher Cove Community Center.

The Council worked together to craft a reasonable and flexible use policy that can be adjusted. Our Council has an excellent track record of working to mitigate negative impacts no matter the project or the area. For example, they worked to protect neighborhoods that would have been negatively impacted by the Train Station project, I-5 freeway widening and Vons expansion, just to name a few. The Fletcher Cove Community Center is no different. It has no parking lot and the parking lot that existed in the 1990s is now Fletcher Cove Park. Thus the number of guests and frequency of parties at FCCC had to be considered when developing the City’s policy. The Council’s rental policy for FCCC was designed to ensure that enough public parking would be available on weekends for beach and park goers. In this case the Council worked to protect the interests of the entire community, not just one neighborhood.

It is unfortunate that the Council had to choose between accepting an alternative Initiative proposed by only 15 percent of the population or call for a city-wide vote on the FCCC usage when their own reasonable and amendable policy was already in place. The Council did the right thing by standing their ground and giving the Initiative signers what they requested: a special election on this issue. I hope my fellow citizens will join me in voting “No” on Prop “B”.

Cindi Clemons

Solana Beach