Solana Beach City Council makes citizen commission appointments


By Claire Harlin

The Solana Beach City Council on Jan. 25 made its annual appointments to the handful of citizen commissions that advise the council on topics from art to public safety.

The community showed a significant amount of interest in open positions through their applications, however, incumbent commission members led in appointments.

Craig Nelson and Jeff Anerman were voted in to fill two vacancies in the Budget and Finance Commission. Both were reapplying for those seats.

Six candidates applied to fill three spots on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Councilwoman Lesa Heebner nominated Lynne Truong, adding that the applicant “has worked so hard already on this commission … I’m so glad she is becoming official.”

Deputy Mayor Dave Roberts agreed with Heebner’s nomination of Truong, proposing a slate including Joy L. Brinker and Susan Joan McEachern, a local teacher. The council voted unanimously to appoint those three community members to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

“[McEachern] is a school teacher, a very passionate person who’s passionate about the community,” said Roberts. “She’d be a great addition to the already great commission.”

Albeit non-elected positions, these advisory committee seats carry significant responsibility and those appointed are considered public officials of a legislative body, according to commission guidelines.

“They really are the base of the community through a number of events,” said Heebner, specifically about the Parks and Recreation Committee. “It takes a lot of group effort and a lot of work.”

The council voted to appoint four people to the Public Arts Advisory Commission: Tara Gordon, Mike Swanson, Nicole Selby-Thomas and Allie Dixon. All were reapplying for those seats.

“This is probably the most exciting time for public art in the city,” said Dixon, who has served on the commission for six years. She added that she is proud of installing temporary art and entrance monuments at different parts of the city, and she looks forward to exploring how public art can fit in with Highway 101 revitalization.

Kristi Day reapplied for a position on the Public Safety Commission, however, she was not able to attend the meeting and Mayor Joe Kellejian spoke on her behalf.

“She is very excited about this committee,” he said in his nomination, which was unanimously approved.

A new applicant, David Reis, was also appointed to the Public Safety Commission. He told the council that he represents those who are residents but not homeowners.

Paul Bishop, David Zito, Patricia Coad and John Scales were all reappointed to the View Assessment Committee.