Solana Beach Council’s compromise addresses problems related to parking, access and safety


As a nearby resident and property owner (within a stone’s throw) of the Fletcher Cove Community Center, I would like to weigh in.

I have seen the many paid signature gatherers asking residents to sign a Voter Initiative for private parties at the Fletcher Cove Community Center. I have followed the issue closely, and what the proponents of the Voter Initiative aren’t telling residents is that the Solana Beach City Council just voted in a policy allowing private parties at the Community Center. This group is simply unwilling to accept the compromise set forth by the City Council, although the compromise addresses problems related to parking, access and safety.

The paid signature gatherers are omitting important facts. If approved, this Voter Initiative will cost Solana Beach taxpayers $300,000 to hold a special election — more than the cost of the facility’s refurbishment! Plus, it is not true that the Voter Initiative can be stopped at any time, as proponents claim. By law, a Voter Initiative can only be modified by another election. The City Council will be powerless to make changes, even if there are serious problems. Isn’t this all a bit much to ask of the community when there is already a reasonable policy set in place by the City Council?

Nina Williams, Solana Beach