Solana Beach Foundation for Learning holding fund drive

SBFL Board of Directors: Back Row (L-R): Jackie Teague, Bill Bailey, Atousa Golpayegani, Chris Riddle, Stephanie Kroon, Cindy Burns, Jen Blackwell, Bryan Pruden (President), Bill Miller, Heidi Dewar. Front Row (L-R) Kaya Young, Holly Lewry, Corey Ford, Cara Cadden, Kristin Belsky, Donna Granholm, Cecelia Puopolo, Bill Yates and Patti Malmuth (Executive Director). Not pictured; Patrick Cooney, Cathy Pucher, Ann Rybowiak, Misty Thompson and Robin Wittenberg.

The Solana Beach Foundation for Learning Annual Fund Drive offers parents an opportunity to help kids discover new ideas in science, physical education, art and technology.

The Solana Beach Foundation for Learning (SBFL) recently kicked off its Annual Fund Drive to support art, physical education, science, and technology programs in the Solana Beach School District.

The Solana Beach School District consists of 3,035 children in six elementary schools, including Carmel Creek, Skyline, Solana Highlands, Solana Pacific, Solana Santa Fe and Solana Vista. SBFL is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers who raise funds to make it possible for these children to experience and discover new ideas by providing instructional staff, materials, and supplies for hands-on learning in art, science, physical education and technology.

“Other local school districts have had to cut science labs, physical education, technology and art programs from their schools,” says SBFL President Bryan Pruden. “But thanks to our continued donations, the kids in the Solana Beach School District are still enjoying these programs.”

The Solana Beach Foundation for learning is dedicated to bridging the gap between vital school needs and state funding so as to enrich the educational experience of all the students in the Solana Beach School District. To learn more about SBFL or to contribute, go to