Solana Beach is a great place to live due — in large part — to wise leadership

The Solana Beach City Council did the right thing when they voted unanimously to proceed with a special election for the Party Policy Initiative that is scheduled for Feb. 11. Here is what is at stake in the upcoming election. Will we retain the Council’s


use policy for the Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC) or will we be saddled with a new, more intense Party Policy that can only be changed by holding yet another election?

The cost of this election rests solely on the shoulders of the Party Policy Initiative sponsors. It is not a requirement to ask for a special election on an initiative petition but the sponsors of the Party Policy Initiative specifically requested a “special” election on their petitions. Next they gathered enough signatures to trigger this special election. Then they knowingly submitted their signed petitions early enough to trigger this costly “special” election. Once it became obvious that the Initiative sponsors had created a costly mess for the taxpayers, they tried to use the cost of the election as leverage to force the City Council to adopt their super maxed out Party Policy. Wisely the City Council voted to let the democratic process play out.

Many of the people who signed the petition are now kicking themselves since learning the full implications of the Initiative. Voters have already received slick campaign mailers and eBlasts from the privately funded Initiative group. And because the Party Policy group has a local financial backer footing all their bills, they can afford to hire consultants, lawyers and send out expensive mailers from now until Election Day. Just remember that these are the same people that didn’t tell us the whole story when they were gathering signatures for their petitions. Can we really trust them now? Please make sure you learn all the facts before the Feb. 11 election.

This Council and future Councils must have the authority to regulate their own policies in order to properly operate the City and provide for public safety. The existing City compromise policy is in accordance with City codes for regulating parking, alcohol and noise, while the Party Policy Initiative will override these City codes by creating exceptions. Most importantly the City policy can be easily


The Party Policy Initiative will be set in stone and cannot be amended with another election.

Solana Beach is a wonderful place to live in large part because of the wise leadership of our Council. We can trust them to assure there is a policy at the FCCC that will continue to benefit the entire community.

Please support our Council by voting “No” on the Party Policy Initiative on Feb. 11.

Victoria Cypherd

Solana Beach