Solana Beach letters to the editor

Solana BeachLocal says no to Prop. L

Solana Beach has a business tax on the June 8 ballot, Proposition L. The division in Solana Beach is the same old one that has existed for most of my 50 years living here. The no-growth, NIMBY, never seen a tax they didn’t love people say Yes on L. The sane, informed, pro-business, small government types say No on Prop. L. As usual, I’m on the latter’s side.

Follow the money: A cursory view of the proposed 2010-11 budget shows the truth. Property taxes are down a whopping 1 percent (Yes, that’s ONE percent down) and they represent 40 percent of the city’s income. Other sources are either flat and some are actually up.

So, why would the city want to tax businesses in the worst depression since the Great One? Again, the budget has that answer. Solana Beach spends an average of $400,000 on legal fees, every year. Why? Because property rights have been thwarted to the point that many are turning around and suing.

As usual, it’s a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Solana Beach should tighten its belt, stop forcing property owners to sue and stop looking in our pockets. Vote No on Prop. L.

Louise Abbott

Solana Beach